Friday, 15 May 2009

Election Diary: T- 21: To the Manor Born

It's a pity a group of Fianna Fáilers connected to a particular candidate have decided to have a pop or two anonymously on the blog as well as on youtube. I'm not sure if it's the same guys who regularly check my website from FF Head Office - hi there!

The candidate and his team should come clean and have a real debate; so I've enabled registered users for comments to allow that.

3 weeks out and our campaign is building and growing with a great reception tonight in Manor Estate. Manor Estate is a part of Dublin 12 which includes a number of roads beginning with Limekiln, Mountdown and Fernhill as well as part of Greentrees Road. The first time I remember being there was on the old "Tour de Sherrys" bike race we used to have as kids. The race left St Columba's Road and weaved its way through Greenhills estate and into Fernhill before passing Sherry's shop on Mountdown Road. The shop is no more but the people around are more interested in getting FF on their bike. A long set up, but worth it!

Our challenge is to turn anger into action and, ultimately votes. Word is that Fine Gael are making gains in tomorrow's Irish Times poll while we're back to 20%. Showing people that FG only offer a slash-and-burn alternative is part of our campaign too - hence the slogan "The Real Alternative."