Our Local Electoral Area

Our new electoral area and the vote on May 23 – FAQ’s

Our new electoral area is named Templeogue-Terenure. Six seats will be elected on May 23rd.

How is the new area made up? Parts of three old local electoral areas (LEA’s) have been mixed together to make up the new LEA. Areas around Firhouse and Ballycullen were previously part of the Tallaght South area. Parts of Rathfarnham and Knocklyon have been transferred from the Rathfarnham LEA. I was elected 5 years ago from the Dublin 6w and 12 areas which were part of the “Tallaght Central” LEA. I have always worked with residents across the wider area, and as Mayor have had the opportunity to meet with and represent people living across South Dublin County.

How many voters live in the area? 33,746 were registered on February 1st. The majority are in the new Dublin South-West constituency. Approximately 7,500 are in the Dublin South Central Dáil constituency.

Who decided on the boundaries of the new area? The new LEA’s in South Dublin were determined last year by an independent Boundary Committee established by the Government.

I don’t live in Templeogue or Terenure. Who decided on the name? The Boundary Committee. I had proposed that Councillors, in consultation with communities, could name the new areas but that was ignored.

Is it true that there are more seats available than before? Yes. South Dublin County Council has increased from 26 to 40 seats. This was a decision of Government. However, this electoral area has a lower seats-to-voters ratio than other. In simple terms, it will take more votes to be elected in this area.

How can I find out if I am registered to vote? Go to www.checktheregister.ie . All residents – whether Irish citizens or not – are entitled to vote in local elections. But you must first be registered. Please get in touch with me if you require a voter registration form or assistance in checking the register.