Saturday, 23 May 2009

Election Diary: T- 14:

Apologies for missing a day. The excellent said my blogging was prolific, which sounds like Gray Lineker for some reason. Sadly, I missed out last night so feel the need to post tonight despite tiredness.

Thanks to the many of you - and I'm surprised how many - who've sent me mails and messages about the blog. Brevity is not my strong point, but necessitates tonight. Just home after a chat with canvassers and supporters over pints in the Cherry Tree. Drinking and politics should never mix but a couple on a Friday night after a canvass is not the worst idea.

I've met some amazing people on the canvass over the past few weeks and months - none moreso than the young Kenyan man I met yesterday. His articulation of Irish politics - drawing parallels with the corruption in Kenyan politics - and his knowledge of a political culture he moved into just 2 years ago was breathtaking.

His support for our politics and ideas were a huge boost.

Almost as much, in fact, was Pat's huge win tonight against Dundalk in Oriel Park. Ex-Pat's player Dave Rogers was aent off because he mooned the Pat's fans. Some people never learn - in politics and in football.

Pat's recovery aside, I was hugely encouraged by the reception tonight in Dublin 6w. Some very interesting discussions on the doorsteps ranged from Enda Kenny to Labour's position on the public sector and the Ryan Report on Industrial Schools. The area we canvassed tonight would be considered middle class but the anger was fierce from many. The important point, I stressed to many, is to turn that anger into action, not only at the polls on June 5th, but in politics in general.The universality of the anti-FF response is truly encouraging; from working class to middle class, young to old, public to private, across the board. Our challenge is to build that alternative, and the response has been very positive indeed.