Sunday, 1 February 2009

This February, Build the Alternative By Joining Labour

The verdict is in. People are fed up. Not just of the government, but of politics in general. Politics as usual.

It needn't be this way. The Labour Party offer a real alternative. We have the values, the philosophy and, increasingly, the people. More and more people are turning to Labour as the recession hits hard and the same old politics and economics fail us. But building a Labour Party capable of leading the country takes more than words.

We need an organisation capable of attracting the votes needed to build a leading force in Irish politics.

And to make that organisation happen, we need more members - more members to campaign on the issues that matter, to drive policy in the party, to knock on doors and to ensure a broad democratic base for the Labour Party of the future.

This February, Labour is launching an historic recruitment drive. Here in the new Tallaght Central Ward, I am making sure as many local people as possible are given the chance to join Labour and get active. Nationally, our party website at allows you to join in less than 60 seconds. Locally, you can contact me through this blog or by emailing .

Joining the Labour Party was the best decision I've ever made. Make it yours.