Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Local Branch Motion to Labour Conference

Labour's Party Conference take's place this year in Mullingar from March 27th-29th.

The following is the motion being put forward by my branch, the Willie Cremins Limekiln-Greenpark/Greenhills Branch, on public transport.


Preliminary Agenda - Motion to Labour Party Conference 2009

Willie Cremins Branch (Limekiln/Greenpark-Greenhills), Dublin South West

Conference believes;

That the social, environmental and economic infrastructure of the country is dependent on a stable, well-funded and effective public transport system.

Conference notes;

That recent attacks on public transport by the Government, particularly Dublin Bus, are a betrayal of environmentalist principles and our responsibilities to lower carbon emissions.

Conference further notes;

That those hit hardest by cuts in Dublin Bus routes and services will be those on low incomes, the elderly and the immobile.

Conference rejects;

Right-wing proposals to privatise certain routes which will lead to the cherrypicking of profitable services and the downgrading of Dublin Bus overall.

Conference reaffirms;

The Labour Party’s commitment to a well-funded, effective and affordable Dublin Bus service in public ownership, serving all communities in the Dublin area, and acting in an integrated manner with other public transport services in the region.