Thursday, 24 July 2008

Press Release - Labour candidate Looney slams “cynical” Ashleaf redevelopment

Dermot Looney, Labour’s local area representative in Dublin 12 and a candidate in next year’s local elections, has slammed proposals to redevelop the Ashleaf Shopping Centre at Crumlin Cross. An application made to increase retail space in the centre, along with providing 40 residential units and 80 ‘apart-hotel’ spaces, is currently in front of South Dublin County Planners.

Local-based Looney has joined with Labour representatives Councillor Eamonn Walsh and Mary Upton TD in opposing the proposed 5-storey development, which would put massive strain on local public utilities, traffic and parking in an area already under considerable strain. As well as noting concerns with an level of development and height unsuitable for the area, and an inappropriate mix of residential units, Looney has also criticised the developers for citing sick children as part of the rationale for the project.

Page 4, Section 1.6 of the Planning Report included with the application states, in terms of a rationale for these proposals, that the “apart-hotel…aims to serve, in part, the visitors of the patients of Our Lady’s Children Hospital, Crumlin, particularly for the parents/guardians of children who are receiving short, medium and long-term care.”

“Notwithstanding the current government policy to move the children’s hospital to the Mater,” Looney noted in his submission to South Dublin County Council, “this is a laughably cynical attempt to provide a humanitarian platform for what is, solely and exclusively, a profit motive.”

“This is a shameful attempt to pull on heart strings by the developer and rings very hollow with local people who face the threat of totally unsuitable development at the Ashleaf.”

“I am glad to join with local residents in standing firmly against these proposals and am confident that the planners will take on board our concerns as to the height of the new centre, traffic, parking, utilities, the environment and the family-unfriendly mix of residential units in rejecting these proposals outright,” Looney said.


Dermot Looney’s submission to the Council is available on request. The application in full is available at