Monday, 14 May 2007

Labour Youth on Coalition

It's a question many are still asking - where exactly do Labour Youth stand on coalition and electoral strategy.

The basis is a number of motions at recent Conferences, the last of which are the following motions, adopted at the last Labour Youth National Conference in UCD last Autumn.

  • Electoral Strategy (proposed: Dublin South-West Labour Youth)

    Conference calls for:
    a vote for the Labour Party in the upcoming general election, and for voters to transfer against the government.

    Conference believes:
    all Labour Youth members should contribute as much of their time and effort as possible to ensuring the maximum number of votes for Labour candidates in all constituencies.

    Conference reaffirms:
    support for an independent electoral strategy for the Labour Party.

    Conference mandates:
    Labour Youth to include a call for a vote for the Labour Party alone in all its election literature, press releases and communication to members.

    Conference asks:
    all Labour Youth members not to co-operate with the distribution of any material, including leaflets and posters, which calls for a transfer to the Fine Gael party.

Labour Youth remains committed to this strategy in canvassing for Labour candidates in the election, and come the outcome of that, another motion comes into play
  • (Proposer: Dublin West LY) Conference ... Mandates:
    The NYE to campaign actively against any possible coalition proposal in which the Labour Party is not the largest party. This includes distribution of literature and active canvassing of party members outlining and seeking support for Labour Youth's stance